Apollo 11

The Epic Journey
of Magazine 'S'

By Jon Hancock

What is it about?

This fabulous new limited edition hardback book, follows the Hasselblad magazine 'S' through the Apollo 11 mission, from its design and manufacture to its return to earth and successful processing.

A meticulously researched book which gives the behind-the-scenes story of the Apollo 11 mission, focusing on the photography and film handling procedures.

Rare and seldom-seen photographs along with fascinating analysis.

Every Photograph

Photography was a vital part of the Apollo 11 mission. Vital, in that they were tasked with capturing on film how the lunar module coped with the rigours of the first lunar landing. Magazine 'S' was the film that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took out onto the lunar surface with them. This book includes every frame from magazine 'S', set out in sequence.

Film Processing

Did you ever wonder how the Apollo 11 films were processed or the safety measures that they put in place to avoid processing errors? The Epic Journey of Magazine 'S' follows the film from splashdown in the Pacific through to the processing lab in Houston... and through the print machines.


Neil and Buzz took five photo panoramas on the moon and each one has been carefully stitched together by Jon Hancock, especially for this book, and presented on fold-out sheets. They are stunning!

Historic Moments

The Moon rocks!

With the Apollo 11 crew and their precious cargo, safely on-board the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific, a team carefully packs up the moonrocks and film magazines ready for the long flight back to Houston.

Celebrating 50 years on the Moon

These are some of the very first footprints on the moon, newly identified by the author.


Neil Armstrong un-wrapping the TV camera in training.

Apollo 11 - The Epic Journey of
Magazine 'S'

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